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Kodak KLIC-7001 Battery - Rechargeable Li-ion Digital Camera Battery For Kodak KLIC-7001 [800mAh 3.7V]

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  • Our Kodak KLIC-7001 battery for Kodak digital camera is a great replacement battery to make your camera working a longer time for you. Every battery has been tested strictly to guarantee its safety and reliability; a hard shell can protect the cell from damage. The Kodak KLIC-7001 batteries are 100% compatible with your OEM camera, we also provide a full 1 year warranty and 30 days refund, the fast shipping and good after-sell service will eventually satisfy you.

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  • descirption about KLIC-7001 Digital Camera Battery
Battery Specs & Technical Details:
Battery Chemistry Lithium Ion (Li-Ion), Newer type of rechargable, giving best performance for a rechargable.
Capacity 800mAh
Voltage 3.7V
Color Black
Dimension 40 x 35.4 x 5.2 mm
Net Weight 19g
Product Brand Kodak Digital Camera Batteries
Product Name Best replacement for the original kodak klic-7001 battery packs.
Replacement for The Following Battery Code
Manufacturer Part Number Kodak KLIC-7001 ,
Work With The Following Digital Camera Models (Press " Ctrl+F " to search your Model)
Compatibility Kodak Easyshare m753 , Kodak Easyshare m853 , Kodak Easyshare v550 , Kodak Easyshare v570 , Kodak Easyshare v610 , Kodak Easyshare v705 , Kodak m763 , Kodak m893 Is ,
Warranty Policy
Condition Brand new in box, Never used, OEM equivalent replacement part. 100% original manufacturer compatible and run longer time!!
Standard Warranty Full One Year Manufacturer Warranty & 30 Days Money Back Guarantee!
No memory effect. Chargeable even if it has not been used up yet
Highest quality premium Japanese battery cells are used in our kodak klic-7001 digital camera batteries
Most kodak digital camera batteries are pre-charged before shipping
Replacement batteries which are as good or often better than the originals
Manufactured By Hi-Capacity power products.
Order your kodak klic-7001 Battery before 2:30PM we will usually ship the same day

* Disclaimer:The kodak klic-7001 digital camera batteries offered by us are compatible with certain products of batteries manufacturers. All the information presented on this website may contain references to products or trademarks maintained by such manufacturers, which is solely to show the batteries with which our digital camera batteries are compatible. Besides, our company and website are neither related in any way with these manufacturers nor are the products listed in our website manufactured by those batteries manufacturers.

How to Maintain Digital Kodak KLIC-7001 camera battery

Digital cameras are different from traditional cameras, their demand for electricity is particularly great. Therefore, these lithium batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries which can be reused with larger capacity become more and more popular among digital camera users. But regardless of lithium or nickel-metal hydride batteries, battery usage and storage still have a lot to pay attention to.

NiMH batteries have memory effect, this effect will reduce the battery's total capacity and the use of time. As time goes by, less and less stored charge, the battery will be consumed faster. Therefore, you should recharge when the power is all used up. If you are using a dedicated lithium batteries, or lithium ion battery, there is no need to consider the memory effect problem.

In daily use, the battery should pay attention to maintaining the integrity of insulation, once they are damaged, you should use a transparent taped. Check if the battery terminals are oxidized situation, mild oxidation can be wiped off, but if it is a serious case of oxidation or loss should be immediately replaced with new batteries. Meanwhile, in order to avoid power loss, you need to keep the battery and battery contact points at both ends of the lid clean inside and, if necessary, use a soft, clean, dry cloth and gently wipe the battery. With a small eraser (such as a pencil head kind) out into the clean metal contacts inside the battery compartment, but must not use detergents with soluble cleanser.

Besides, when you are not going to use a digital camera, you must remove the battery from the digital camera or remove the charger, and it is completely discharged, then stored in a dry, cool environment, and do not connect the battery with the general store with metal objects, this is particularly important for non-rechargeable batteries.

Battery Don’ts

  • Do not disassemble.
  • Do not leave on charge for extended periods.
  • Do not short-circuit. A short-circuit may cause severe damage to the kodak klic-7001 battery.
  • Do not drop, hit or otherwise abuse the battery as this may result in the exposure of the cell contents, which are corrosive.
  • Do not expose the klic-7001 battery to moisture or rain.
  • Keep battery away from fire or other sources of extreme heat. Do not incinerate. Exposure of battery to extreme heat may result in an explosion.
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